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  Technical Specifications
  Titanium dioxide content:93 Inorganic treatment:Alumina , Silica
  Water absorption: Rutile content:≥98
 Organic treatment:yes Oil Absorption:15-18
  Proportion:4.0 Crystal size:0.27
 Resistivity:8000   Color CIEL:≥98
 Bulk density:1.1  
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SR-9000 is a rutile multipurpose titanium dioxide pigment produced by zircon, alumina inorganic and organic surface treated,

have narrow particle size distribution and high consistency, designed to give the excellent, high opacity, excellent gloss and durability.


High performance coatings

Decorative paints, coatings, especially in highlight system
Industrial coatings
Auto paints, auto refinish
Ink, can coatings
Marine coatings and protective pa


25KG / multi-layer paper -PEbag

500KG or 1000KG / bag



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